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We Are Live! with Travis Terrell and Chris Denman

Aug 3, 2017

Tom Green, yes THAT Tom Green is in studio today. Tom comes by for a phenomenal chat about his MTV Days, movies, punk rock, hip hop, skateboarding, and of course SAMSE discussion. Tom gives us a look into what his life has been like, what he has on the horizon, and shares his love for stand up, as he's in town for Helium all weekend. Excellent conversation with a BONUS --- Tom tossed on one of his new tracks he created in his LA studio! Enjoy!

(Special thanks to Jeff Jones from STL Game Time for sitting in for Gaines)


Check out online, follow Tom on instagram: @tomgreen


Instagram for the show: @weareliveradio @instadenman

Twitter: @blak2thefuture , @tweetdenman, @weareliveradio