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We Are Live! with Travis Terrell and Chris Denman

Feb 22, 2019

Eric Bischoff talks to Travis at the top of the hour about his upcoming live podcast "83 Weeks" at Off Broadway. The guys close out the show with Fair or Foul.



Feb 22, 2019

Chris is out today doing a tv spot to promote the upcoming Paw-Oscars event. Jon Beeby partner at Mid Coast Media, Founder of By Jack, and British elitist joins to take Travis to task. 


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Feb 21, 2019

The madness continues with Jeff Jones in studio. Jeff has been in Florida covering Cardinals spring training for Scoops With Danny Mac. ( ) He doesn't just bring spring training knowledge, Jeff has entered the studio with a full fledged tomato worthy tan. The group also leans on Jeff for Oscar...

Feb 21, 2019

Travis Terrell, Bre Weaver, and Chris Denman are in and the tensions are high. Jussie Smollett just won't go away, Travis rants on a cornucopia  of topics, Bre is not hearing Trav's thoughts on Obama. The former President has now jumped on to Trav's s list by suggesting hip hop culture needs cleaned up. Comedian Jim...

Feb 20, 2019

Mid Coast Studio is rockin and rollin for the third installment of the new and reimagined We Are Live! 

Travis delights folks with 'Make it Racist', the team discusses what they would do with 300 million dollars (inspired by The San Diego Padres signing Manny Machado to a 10 year, 300 million dollar deal) - spoiler...