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We Are Live! with Travis Terrell and Chris Denman

Jan 24, 2019

Take a trip back to 2016 as Chris and Travis sit down with Ben Nichols and Rick Stieff of the band, Lucero. While Chris is obviously smitten, Travis reacts to the song "Went lookin for Warren Zevon's Los Angeles" in a memorable way. Enjoy 3 songs and a great interview with one of America's most road-worthy bands.



Jan 19, 2019

David Harbour, now a househould name for his roles in Stranger Things, the upcoming Hellboy series, and a fantastic detergent commercial joins Chris Denman and Travis Terrell in 2016 just as Stranger Things began to blow up around the world.


Enjoy this best of episode and look forward to new chats and the new format...

Jan 15, 2019

Chris and Travis speak to Wheeler Walker Jr. after his first album is released in 2016. Note: This is not the in person interview awkwardly conducted in the basement of The Old Rock House in STL.)


Share the podcast with your pals as we get set for the new format! Until then, we'll be peppering in a couple new...

Jan 12, 2019

Earthquake and his protege, Spencer Neal join in studio for a discussion on comedy, Earthquake's thoughts on The President, the definition of "Vibe", and why Chris might be one of the good one's. Lots of energy and discussion as the fellas enjoyed a great conversation on a snowy day in Saint Louis, Missouri.




Jan 10, 2019

Comedian, actor, and all around entertaining person... Carly Aquilino joins the fellas and Carlie Lawrence in studio from 2017 during the mid afternoon time on 590 The Fan. Enjoy!


Look forward to the all new We Are Live! in the coming weeks with video at the all new Mid Coast Media Studios.