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We Are Live! with Travis Terrell and Chris Denman

Nov 30, 2018

Adam Ray joins in studio for a one on one with Chris. Adam and Chris discuss everything from high school teachers to kermit the frog. Check out Adam on About Last Night, his podcast with Brad Williams.

Nov 30, 2018

Ben Bailey swings by ahead of his shows at The Funny Bone in STL. Chris and Ben discuss 'Cash Cab', Ben's experience with hecklers, how to run a game show, and the 8 million projects Ben is hustling to make a reality. Enjoy this one on one conversation.

Nov 16, 2018

Comedian, actor, writer, producer Jamie Kennedy joins Chris one on one for a discussion on his career ahead of his shows at Helium Comedy Club. Jamie discusses his thoughts on long form conversations, what people shout at him from across the street, and why Courtney Cox was a major influence on him. You know him...

Nov 2, 2018

Matt Iseman from American Ninja Warrior returns to chat one on one with Chris about his career, the apprentice, charity work, and his thoughts on free speech and how its tied to comedy.


Amazing chat with a wonderful guy, see Matt at The Funny Bone all weekend in Saint Louis!

Nov 1, 2018

Chris and Travis are joined in studio by Chad L. Coleman from The Walking Dead, The Wire, The Orville, and more. Joining Chad is his writing and creative partner, STL native Craig Thomas. The fellas discuss how growing up without enough male role models in the black community hurts society while also touching...