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We Are Live! with Travis Terrell and Chris Denman

Aug 31, 2018

DC Curry returns to the program to chat with Travis and Chris about Lebron, Mo'Nique, coming up in the comedy circuit, the new Friday film, and how in the hell he decided to become the best dressed man in comedy. BT Kingsley is in studio as well, featuring for DC, he dishes on Kevin Hart's "Heart of The City"...

Aug 23, 2018

Jon Lovitz joins Chris and Travis for a great conversation live from Gaslight in front of a full house. Jon walks us through the process of what he did to audition on SNL and how he helped Adam Sandler prepare for his first season on the show. The fellas discuss 'The Critic', Charles Groden, and his thoughts on...

Aug 15, 2018

Mia Jackson, comedian, actor, and rising talent joins Chris to discuss LouFest and the big We Are Live! announcement. Enjoy!

Aug 11, 2018

A quick chat at Gaslight Studios with John Witherspoon, he returns to the while he's in town for stand up at Helium Comedy Club. The man who plays Pop's on the Friday movie series has a big announcement to make about the next version of the movie.

Aug 3, 2018

Kountry Wayne drops by to discuss his success online, in standup, and why he wants to be bigger than Eddie Murphy. Welcome back to WAL, people!