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We Are Live! with Travis Terrell and Chris Denman

Jun 22, 2018

Tony Rock joins to talk about growing up in New York, how to spot trouble, why he puts all the info out on the table first, and what its like to be from such a creative family. Tony is in town doing stand up at Helium Comedy Club, check him out!

Jun 19, 2018

The Bacon Brothers join for a conversation ahead of their concert at Delmar Hall in STL, MO. Kevin and Michael discuss life on the road, what it takes to become a musician, and what people shout at Kevin in an airport. Enjoy this bonus episode recorded for radio. 

Jun 15, 2018

Chris Denman goes one on one with Chris Gethard in a conversation about The Chris Gethard Show, TruTV, wrestling, comedy, and more. 





Jun 5, 2018

Chris Denman and Travis Terrell put on a comedy and music festival and its first year included some great people. Listen to Jonathan Kite, Ian Bagg, Tim Convy, Libbie Higgins, Dylan Palladino, Stephon Hightower, and more. Enjoy some great chats from Gaslight Studios.