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We Are Live! with Travis Terrell and Chris Denman

Oct 20, 2017

Longtime comic and legend of the game, Bruce Bruce stops by with his feature Mocha. They're in town to do shows at Helium Comedy Club. Travis and Chris discuss coming up in Atlanta, being a pastor/pimp, and what it takes to make it.

Oct 18, 2017

King of all Podcasting, Adam Carolla joins for a one on one with Chris Denman today. Adam is kind enough to share the ins and outs of some of the business behind podcasting and what it has taken for him to remain successful. The ability to turn down lucrative offers, whos next in the Hollywood harassment mess, and why...

Oct 17, 2017

Wheeler Walker Jr., country music renegade joins the show live from the basement of The Old Rock House in Saint Louis, MO. before his sold out show. The guys chat about Kentucky, realizing the cheerleader from high school may sleep with you, Kid Rock, Black Twitter, and Wheeler wrestles with the idea that we're even a...

Oct 13, 2017

Erik Griffin is in town doing comedy at The Funny Bone this weekend, so he stopped by to chat with Chris and Trav. The guys discuss Hollywood, social context, sexism, and a wide range of topics. Check out Erik on 'I'm Dying Up Here' on Showtime, old episodes of Workaholics as Montez, and check Showtime for his comedy...

Oct 12, 2017

Comic, Actor, new friend of WAL... Sinbad joins today. We jump into Shazaam, Jingle All the Way, The Cherokee Kid, Necessary Roughness, and House Guest. A great conversation with a fantastic guy.